Associated Geekery Episode #2

Welcome back to Associated Geekery! Our second full Episode is now available!

This week, Doc and Ryan chat about DC writer Joshua Hale Fialkov’s departure from Green Lantern Corps over editorial shenanigans (possibly involving the death of Green Lantern John Stewart!), the release of the international trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, more internet based misogyny regarding the creator of the “I F**king Love Science” Facebook page and PyCon 2013, some great news about DC cartoons coming to Netflix, and the remastering of everyone’s favorite duck based video game!

Sit back, relax and think of England- this is Associated Geekery #2!

Listen now:

Download here and listen later:

Associated Geekery Episode #2

Did you listen? Good, now you’ll know what these are referencing:

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  1. Wow, clueless about women and now killing off all the non-caucasian characters… DC really hasn’t a clue, and this podcast is my regular weekly dose of getting disappointed by them ^_~

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