Associated Geekery Episode #7

Welcome to Associated Geekery Episode #7! We’re remote again this week, with Doc, Ryan, Mac and David all in undisclosed locations and under guard!

This week, the group discusses many a topic, including: Marvel Studios and their quiet reacquiring of the Daredevil film rights (along with some other film tidbits), the hullabaloo over Dead Island: Riptide’s gruesomely awful collectors edition, Universal bringing Harry Potter’s magic to the West Coast, transgendered character intros done right over at Marvel’s “FF”, the technical difficulties of the new Star Trek movie game tie-in, rumors of more than announced layoffs over at EA, Nintendo’s snubbing of mainline E3 announcements, an finally- the closing of website Comics Alliance.

It’s a jam packed episode, so listen in and then join us by leaving a comment below, sending us a Twitter message, or posting on our Facebook page! It’s all easy and fun!

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Associated Geekery Episode #7

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