Associated Geekery Episode #9

“I’ve got 99 problems and Spock is One”

We’re back with Episode #9 of the Associated Geekery Podcast!
This week, Doc, Ryan & Mac discuss the exciting news of Agents of SHIELD getting picked up by ABC, the lukewarm unveiling of the XBox One, Nintendo’s ogre-ish move against YouTube creators, a cryptic message from the Comics Alliance website, our trip to the Bay Area for Big WOW! Comicfest, and we give a SPOILER-IFFIC critique of Star Trek: Into Darkness (Seriously, spoilers here-in, people).

So go grab your grandma, be sure to plug the ears of the little ones, and let the dog out before listening to this episode of Associated Geekery! Also,
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Associated Geekery Episode #9

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  1. The anime you guys were talking about is called “Axis Power Hetalia” and it is, more or less, a re-enactment of WWII as a high school comedy. Canada is, like, some kid in a bomber jacket with a pet polar bear or something. Thankfully we don’t see any anime-Nazis around at the cons up where I am…

    On Star Trek… It’s one of those films that found entertaining enough at the time, but the more I think about it the less and less I like it. Even at the time I noticed stupid stuff like Khan not being the right race (or being a character) and how they all move at the speed of plot (intergalactic teleporters one second, shuttlecraft the next). It was painfully stupid whenever the plot needed it to be and only really redeemed by great dialogue.

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