Associated Geekery Episode #10


Finally, it can be said that Episode #10 of the Associated Geekery Podcast is here!

In this episode, Doc & Ryan discuss Kindle World, Quicksilver in both of the upcoming X-Men & Avengers movies, Dan Harmon returning to Community while Matt Smith departs Doctor Who, Part 2 of Tropes Vs. Women In Videogames, the Exalted Kickstarter, Catwoman, and a special message regarding kittens in need.

Find a cup of your favorite drink, grab a snack or two and enjoy Episode #10! Also,
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Associated Geekery Episode #10

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  1. Your comments on Marvel having to rent back their heroes reminded me of the only thing that I thought was missing from “”The Avengers”: Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman ^_~

    And on tropes, women and video games, I found the videos to be bang-on in respects to the specific games she was talking about. All of those examples had horrendous implicit views towards women. But it seemed to me that she was trying to build a broad argument that video games are bad on the basis of those examples without looking at contrary ones. It really game out in part 1 when she acknowledged leaving out virtually every Nintendo game where Princess Toadstool (dating myself!) is a playable character. I did see one criticism arguing that she also fundamentally misunderstands the medium and suggests that it would be clearer if one replaced the word “hero” in her video with the word “player.” I don’t even really play video games and it seemed to me like she missed something, even though she did pick out legitimately awful games to make an example of.

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