Geekery For Today – 7/30/13

Today in nerd news, there were several stories that got our attention.


The Flash – art by Francis Manupal © DC Comics

Warner Bros. announced at the TCA that the CW will bring DC speedster The Flash back to television with a new series from the creative talent behind the successful “Arrow”. News has it that the character of Barry Allen may be introduced on the CW show, an then spin off into his own series.

Many older fans will remember the 1990-91 series starring John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays.

Some folks are not so excited about the news, as any new Flash series will probably put the brakes on the still preliminary “Amazon” starring Wonder Woman. Warner has yet to really come forth with a compelling reason for not pushing forward with a WW project, to the disappointment of many fans. We’ll wait and see if there’s any movement in that direction.

Game developer Irrational Games announced new and upcoming DLC for their hit reality-bending FPS Bioshock: Infinite.


The first DLC for Bioshock: Infinite is out now.

The first new content is out now on Steam and is called “Clash in the Clouds”. Featuring fully customizable weapon and power loadouts, players will take Booker DeWitt back into the city of Colombia to face some of the hardest of hardcore enemies on all new maps and challenges. Irrational provides some visual incentive:



Bioshock: Infinite Burial at Sea takes you back to Rapture?

The next offering of downloadable adventures for Booker and Elizabeth is called “Burial at Sea” and will feature an all new adventure for not only hardscrabble detective Booker DeWitt, but in a second installment, Elizabeth will take center stage.

There’s a twist, though. This Booker and Elizabeth are from Rapture, the underwater city from the first Bioshock game. What happened to the city the night before it fell? And what do our heroes have to do with it? We can’t wait to find out! Check out the trailer:



How can a man with a mustache like that possibly be evil?

A new website launched today for Trask Industries, who promise that they’re solving tomorrow’s problems today. There’s just one thing- they see mutants as the problem.

To promote their upcoming film “X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past”, Fox has come up with a pretty slick piece of viral marketing in the form of a website for the mutant hating Bolivar Trask and his robotic Sentinels- who will feature prominently in the X-Men sequel. The site features a great “About” page that features Bolivar himself, awesomely portrayed by actor Peter Dinklage.

With Fox’s “The Wolverine” opening at #1 at the box office this week, and some generally positive buzz about the Hugh Jackman film, mutants may once again become all the rage.


Lastly, we stumbled on this little jem on YouTube. Since we can’t get enough of Pacific Rim, here’s a new trailer- done it the old school Toho style:

Does that not make you want to see this movie again? It does for us!

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