Associated Geekery Episode #16

“Lightning & Thunder”


We are powered up and ready to kick some Kaiju ass!

We are back with Associated Geekery #16- an episode sure to please!

A flashback from just prior to our trip to San Diego Comic-Con, Carrie, Doc & Ryan enter the Lightning Round to discuss Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card and his plea to movie goers, Andrew Garfield’s views on Spider-Man’s sexuality, more example of sexism in literature with TOR and former employee Frankel, J.K. Rowling’s latest, more PR problems for Nintendo and Microsoft, a warning about a certain Nazi cosplayer from Chicago, and our thoughts on Pacific Rim.

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Associated Geekery Episode #16

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1 Comment on "Associated Geekery Episode #16"

  1. On the matter of Spiderman’s sexuality, it would seem to me that objectors are probably coming at it from the perspective of superheroes as male power fantasy. It’s not so much that they CAN relate to superheroes as it is that they WISH they were superheroes. Spiderman is a particularly obvious case: a regular teenage nerd guy who gets beat up and can’t talk to girls, but suddenly gets all these amazing powers and becomes totally awesome and gets the girls. His having a male love interest would undermine the male power fantasy amongst homophobes/heterosexists. They don’t want to aspire to or fantasize about being gay. That’s my thought about it, at least. For men who are competent, accomplished, socially functional, confident in their sexuality and can talk to girls, whether or not Spiderman is gay/bi, black or a woman or whatever is irrelevant (if not interesting, insofar as seeing new takes on an old character).

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