Geekery for Today – 8/6/13

Sorry for the hiccup, everybody. We’re back with more daily geekery for you!


Ricky Gervais is back & the Muppets have him!

Today saw the release of the new teaser trailer for “Muppets Most Wanted”, the next up in the Muppets franchise following the success of 2011’s “The Muppets”, Disney has finally put their full support into the brand, and got some really great stars attached to this new sequel.

Check out the video:



Tonto, don’t look that way. You know this wasn’t his fault.

In further Disney related news, CEO Bob Iger said today that “The Lone Ranger” may cost the media company up to $190 million for the year. That loss, however, is not causing the company to shy away from summer “tentpole”blockbusters: “We still believe in a tentpole strategy. A tentpole strategy is a good strategy,” and stating that the “way to rise above the din and the competition is a big film — a big film, a big cast and big marketing behind it.”

You can read more from Iger’s speech to shareholders at Variety.

One problem might be Disney’s marketing machine. With two hugely expensive live action films reception gone arwy in as many years (2012’s mis-handled “John Carter” and now “The Lone Ranger”), maybe it’s time that the Mouse take a look at a possible common denominator between them- the awful marketing both received.

Lastly, we just came across this awesome video reported by our friends at Comics Alliance:

Basically, it breaks down like this: Star Trek: The Animated Series mashed up with Archer. You can guess what kind of hilarity might ensue. But wait! Turns out there’s a whole second episode available! Check out for more!

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