Associated Geekery Episode #17


The Burka Avenger is coming for Pakistan’s evil doers- right after she finishes teaching.

“The View That Doesn’t Suck”

Hello all you lovely people who listen and enjoy our podcasts!We’re back with Episode #17 for your listening pleasure!

This time, Mac, Doc & Ryan are joined by our friend David to discuss quite a few things- Fez 2 creator Phil Fish’s controversial response to online criticism & the killed Kickstarter for “The Doom that Came to Atlantic City”, more horrible internet behavior towards Anita Sarkissian & Feminist Frequency, the awesomeness of Pakistan’s newest hero, The Burka Avenger, Star Wars Celebration coming to Anaheim in 2015 and finally, an SDCC 2013 wrap up.

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Associated Geekery Episode #17

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