Geekery for Today 8/8/13

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Dark Horse Comics unveiled a new video trailer for their upcoming adaptation of the original treatment for “The Star Wars”. For years, many fans have read synopsis and summaries of George Lucas’ first vision for his epic space opera. Now, with Lucas’ support, Dark Horse is fleshing it out and now we’ll finally see the original ideas for Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and the Empire come to life in the pages of this 8 issue mini-series- with designs inspired by concepts from Ralph McQuarrie. Here’s the video:

And here’s a preview of the first issue!


Today is the 27th anniversary of the release of Transformers: The Movie! The film (best of the big screen adaptations, in our opinion) starred the voices of Orson Wells, Leonard Nimoy, Peter Cullen, Frank Welker and Judd Nelson as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime! (spoilers)


Even with more explosions, still better that Michael Bay’s version.


Funny enough, this movie takes place 8 years in the past. Yet, we’re no closer to transforming vehicles OR powered suits of armor. What gives, future?

Fleshlings and ‘bots all over the world can celebrate by catching the movie on DVD but not yet on Blu-ray! (again, future? C’mon!)


In other fantastic video news, we came across this gem on Facebook- a lesson on consoles in the style of School House Rock!

It’s probably not that informative to us jaded console gamers, but to more inexperienced consumers, it’s pretty sage advice. Especially from a Game Boy.

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