Associated Geekery Episode #18


Chibi Alpha?

Greetings friends and fans! This here is Associated Geekery Episode #18!

David is once again in the house with co-hosts Ryan and Doc, to talk about news from the world of comics- DC Editor Dan Didio’s assurances about the Orson Scott Card Superman story, Gerry Conway’s opinions on sexism in “mainstream comics”, an open debate on how comic artists should be compensated, and the Jack Kirby Family vs. Marvel lawsuit. From there, the guys discuss the latest in movie news- trailers for Thor and Muppets Most Wanted, and the leaked SDCC footage of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Finally, David listens to the boys getting geeky over D23 and Jaegercon.

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Associated Geekery Episode #18

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  1. Alas Virtual Magic Kingdom, we knew ye well!…

    Kinect Disneyland Adventure is a pretty alright game, for as much as I’ve had a chance to play it at a friend’s house. It is very much an heir to the concept of VMK in how it is structured. As a game, though, it would have been a lot easier on the bones if it had an option for using a controller, and I would have run out and bought an Xbox 360 right away if it had that co-op feature. A missed opportunity!

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