It’s Not Harry Potter, But…


Have you picked up your materials for class yet?

In movie news today, JK Rowling announced she’s signed up to pen a new series of films set in the Potterverse for Warner Bros. 

This deal is exciting to Rowling fans, who can’t get enough of the wizarding world- so much so that regular viewing parties, specialty stores, conventions and even theme parks are dedicated to the characters she thought up.

Starring a whole new leading character- the famous monster hunter Newt Scamander- the first film will be set 70 years pre-Potter and be titled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, which is required reading for any good Hogwarts students (and available to the general muggle population too).

Now, we here at AG think this is great news. More stories from this universe is a good thing, and if the films do well enough, there may be more theme park tie-ins, which anyone who’s been to Universal’s Islands of Adventure can tell you, is the next best thing to getting your own letter from Hogwarts.

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