Geekery For Today 9/18/13

Here’s some more geek news that came across our desk today!


The W stands for Wizard. Or World. Whichever.

Wizard World, Inc. announced today that in 2014, the comic-book and pop culture giant will expand their reach with 7 more cities, bringing the total to 15 shows across the U.S. next year.

2014’s new schedule includes:

  • Portland, OR (Jan. 24-26, Oregon Convention Center)
  • New Orleans, LA (Feb. 7-9, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center)
  • Sacramento, CA (March 7-9, Sacramento Convention Center)
  • Louisville, KY (March 28-30, Kentucky International Convention Center)
  • St. Louis, MO (April 4-6, America’s Center)
  • Minneapolis, MN (May 2-4, Minneapolis Convention Center)
  • Atlanta, GA (May 30-June 1, Georgia World Congress Center)
  • Philadelphia, PA (June 19-22, Pennsylvania Convention Center)
  • San Antonio (Aug. 1-3, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
  • Chicago, IL (Aug. 21-24, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center)
  • Richmond, Va. (Sept. 12-14, Greater Richmond Convention Center)
  • Nashville, TN. (Sept. 26-28, Music City Center)
  • Austin, TX (Oct. 11-12, Austin Convention Center)
  • Columbus, OH (Oct. 31-Nov. 2, Greater Columbus Convention Center)
  • Tulsa, Okla. (Nov., 7-9, Cox Business Center)

With such an increase in the number of shows, fans all over the country are sure to be able to attend at least one.

Missing off the list is Anaheim, CA- which Wizard World last had in 2011. Since it was such a small show, with bigger cons that show up in the Southern California area, it’s not a wonder they moved on.


Today marks the 30th anniversary of the (now) classic Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series! Huzzah!

For those who don’t remember, this heroic tale involved a group of young kids who, while on a seemingly innocuous trip to an amusement park, were whisked away into another dimension, where they faced monsters and evil minions from beyond imagining. Their only guide on this incredible journey was the Dungeon Master, who gifted them with enchanted items and weapons with which they would be destined to defeat the evil Venger.


Costume Party Aficionados or LARP Geeks? You make the call!

The show was a fun romp for those just getting into the game of role-playing, and while cheesy, did give a great view into the world of D&D for those who didn’t know anything about it.

And how about that Thief, huh? Who didn’t have a major crush on her?




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