Associated Geekery Episode #23


As much as we love Coulson, Agent May is our favorite

Associated Geekery is back for our 23rd episode ever!

Back again are Doc, Carrie and Ryan to discuss TV/film, “world of books” and Disney news!

First, the gang talk over the new Disney Disabled Assistance Service and the good/bad that comes with it. Then, Carrie grabs the guys by the hands and delves deep into the world of literature with WFC and Convolution info. Finally, we head to tv-land to talk up the rumored Fox Gotham series, David Goyer’s thoughts on the Man of Steel script, and we take on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (spoilers abound there)

Oh, and something about Axe body spray going to the moon.

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Associated Geekery Episode #23

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