Associated Geekery Episode #25


Will they get AC/DC for the ride soundtrack?

Welcome back everyone, to Associated Geekery #25!

This episode, Ryan and Doc discuss video game news with the announced Steam Machine and more PR troubles for X-Box One, interesting stories from TV including recently rediscovered classic Doctor Who episodes and a new SyFy competition series from the Jim Henson Studios, and Disney theme park announcements with Iron Man in Hong Kong Disneyland and the original Tomorrowland becoming Star Wars Land?

Finally, we discuss some unfortunate statements from the creators of Disney’s upcoming movie “Frozen”.

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Associated Geekery Episode #25

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  1. It was even worse than a fire at the BBC… They DELIBERATELY destroyed copies of the early Doctor Who episodes under a mandate to conserve space and video tape. At the time, it was felt that TV was just a disposable medium and nobody would care about those old episodes. Whoops!

    Being a First Doctor nut, I’m looking forward to seeing what they found from that era. So yay, high note!

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