Comikaze 2013 Cosplay Cavalcade!

We’ve set up a separate post here for our favorite cosplay photos from Comikaze 2013! With so many, we’re just going to put them up in no particular order- with notations below for those we know. If you see someone you recognize who isn’t linked, let us know and we’ll set up attribution!

Without further ado, here are the pics!

Poison Ivy – Poison Scarlett Cosplay

Sexy Kaiju – Tallest Silver

Katelyn (Sweethearts of the Galaxy) – Kit Quinn

Fashionista Supergirl – Atari Girl

Armored Wonder Woman – Kamui Cosplay

Hocus Pocus Group:

Winnie Sanderson – Castle Corsetry

Sarah Sanderson – Birds of ‘Play

Mary Sanderson – Catwoman Cosplay

Billy Butcherson – StrangeLikeThat Cosplay

Zapp – Black Hand Mercantile

Steampunk Scarecrow – JLanceCosplay

Wonder Woman – Golden Lasso Cosplay

Black Widow – Whipstitch Wardrobe

Baron Von Strucker – Douggary Grant

Rule 63 Bioshock: Infinite – Kerby Hawke

Lady Mechanica – ER Collective

Agent Coulson & Thor Bunnies – Avengers Bunnies Initiative

Captain Kirk – Jinyo

Thor/Xena – Jaze Cosplay

Harley Quinn – Penny Lane

Lobo – Batt

Haunted Mansion Caretaker – David

40’s Dieselpunk Star Wars – ER Collective

Velma – Atari Girl

Sail Dress Ariel – StrangeLikeThat Cosplay

Shadowcat – Dana

Captain Kirk – Garth Bauman

Batman Beyond Ghoul – batclaw

John Lennon (Sgt. Pepper Era) – dillonquador

Xena and Gabrielle:

Jessica Crouse (Xena)

Cathy Kutz (Gabrielle)

Xavin (Runaways) –

Superior Spider-Man – Cap Santiago


7 Comments on "Comikaze 2013 Cosplay Cavalcade!"

  1. I was in the John Lennon cosplay.

  2. Xena and Gabrielle are:

    Jessica Crouse (Xena)

    Cathy Kutz (Gabrielle)

  3. Hi there! I’m the cosplayer that you labeled as “Rule 63 Super Skrull”. I actually wasn’t cosplaying THE Super Skrull, but Xavin, from Runaways who is a super-Skrull-in-training. Anyway, thanks for the photo! You can find my Facebook page here: =)

  4. Number 37 Superior Spider Man is Cap Santiago

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