A Timelord Falls, A Timelord Rises

The BBC has released a new short feature for Doctor Who in advance of the 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor”, and it’s about someone you wouldn’t expect.

Watch the video below and then join us for spoiler discussion after:

So- after much speculation and fanfic, we finally find out what happened to the 8th Doctor and how he was involved in the Time War. It was great to see Paul McGann in the roll again, if only for a short 6 minutes. This story also sets the stage for John Hurt’s Doctor- one we’d never seen prior to the last episode of series 7. Now we know how he came about, what his motivations are, and we have a glimpse of the potential of what made the 11th so ashamed of him.

It’s a long week and a half until the 50th show airs. I’m sure we’ll see more from the BBC in the coming days. If they can get Paul McGann with such secrecy, who knows what excitement Moffat may have in store.

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