Associated Geekery Episode #26

It’s been a long couple of weeks, but here we are- back with Associated Geekery #26!


Break-time’s almost over, guys.

The dynamic duo of Ryan and Doc have returned for a whirlwind episode that’s all about comics! And comics television! And comics related stuff! Comics!

First off, the guys discuss the relaunch of Marvel’s Captain Marvel series- wait didn’t they just do that? Meanwhile, news broke about Carol’s replacement as Ms. Marvel and what the announcement brought to the existing lineup of Marvel’s POC. From there, we discuss artist Tess Fowler’s Twitter posts regarding harassment in the comics industry.

Finally, the topic of comic characters in the TV world- with Marvel’s team-up with Netflix, the announced Hourman pilot, and talk about CW’s Arrow.

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Associated Geekery Episode #26

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