Godzilla 2014 – King of Trailers

Okay, so the newest attempt at an American Godzilla movie is upon us next year. While there are high hopes that it will be better than its predecessor- which, let’s face it, isn’t that high a hurdle- the giant monster (or kaiju, if you’re paying attention) film has a big hill to climb. Or city to destroy. Whatever.

Check out the new trailer:

It’s light on content, as most teasers are. No real reveal of how Big G will really appear, which we hope will be a continuing trend throughout the trailers for this film. It’d be best left as a treat for film-goers if the money shot isn’t shown until they’re in their seats. But this glimpse does have some good dramatic tension to it, with sparse dialog and music over the bits and pieces shows. This is a good teaser.

Godzilla from Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures is due out May 16, 2014.

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