The Time Of The Doctor (or 30 Seconds to Trenzalore)

BBC put out a quick peek of the Doctor Who Christmas Special today!

When I say quick- I mean blink and you’ll miss it quick. A 30 second glimpse into the future of the 11th Doctor, as Matt Smith dons the bow tie one last time.

Check it out:


Interest piqued? Got questions on what all those Daleks and Cybermen and Silence and Angels are doing? Wondering who that mystery lady is? Well, we’ve got two weeks to guess.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013 premieres on the BBC on December 25, 2013.

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  1. So we’ve had The Night of the Doctor, then The Day of the Doctor, to be followed by The Time of the Doctor. Next up: The Brunch of the Doctor, The Jam Session of the Doctor, The 30-Minute Workout of the Doctor, The Afternoon Nap of the Doctor…

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