Associated Geekery Episode #28


Games by Play Date – making awkward fictional hookups a hilarious passtime.

*EDIT* Aaaand we’re back! Enjoy the podcast everybody!

Hello, hello fans of nerdy things! We’re back with a new episode of the Associated Geekery podcast!

This is a very special episode for us, as we got a small group together to do a play test for the new card game “Slash: Romance Without Boundaries”- a great party game from Games by Play Date. Mac, Doc & Ryan are joined by occasional guest Ben Paddon and friend and fan of the show Brandy, to playtest this game- which has a familiar type of play, but with an unexpected and sometimes hilarious twist. Similar in play style to Cards Against Humanity, Slash has players pairing cards with the intent to create the best match- but in this game, the cards are characters, from literature, movies, tv, myths and legends, even some real life historical figures. So you’re not just matching funny thoughts, but creating your own slash fiction! May the best OTP win!

Slash: Romance Without Boundaries is available now!

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