Associated Geekery Episode #31


We’ll see you in May, WyrdCon!

The hits keep on coming with Episode #31 of the Associated Geekery podcast!

In this episode, Doc and Ryan bring news of a new ticket sales idea from Comic-Con International for the 2014 San Diego show, Think Geek’s not-so-well thought out white-washing of the Star Trek Universe, new year’s resolutions from Penny Arcade’s Gabe, proof the Bechdel test may indeed help your movie succeed, what happens when movie rumors get made into actual news (looking at you, Batman/Superman), all sorts of superhero casting blurbs, both true and maybe not, how much Scott Kurtz loves Stan Lee and hates Chris Sims, Captain America to join Iron Man and Thor at Disneyland, news about Wyrd Con, Star Wars departing Dark Horse for Marvel, Wally West returning to the DC Universe, and the cancellation of this year’s Chi-fi convention. Also, be sure to check out Wyrd Con’s Kickstarter.

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