The Son Also Rises- Son of Batman Trailer

Today, Warner Bros. & DC released a trailer for the upcoming animated film “Son of Batman”- based on the successful storyline from DC Comics’ Batman from 2006 by Grant Morrison. (It’s all in the timing, eh DC?)

The trailer outlines the basic plot, Talia- daughter of eco-terrorist Ra’s Al Ghul- brings Bruce Wayne news of her father’s death, and the existence of Damian, his somewhat illegitimate son. Seems Talia couldn’t wait for nature to take it’s course and stole some of Batman’s DNA and force grew herself a child. A child she then trained in the deadly arts of the League of Assassins.

Now, Talia fears for the boy’s safety and turns him over to Batman- who now must confront not only his own flesh and blood, but the killers responsible for Ra’s death. Will he find them before Damian does?

Watch the trailer below:

Son of Batman is due out on BluRay and DVD this spring. It will also debut at WonderCon Anaheim.



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