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Greetings one and all from the Associated Geekery Podcast!

For Episode #35, Doc, Ryan and Carrie have several topics for your listening pleasure!

We begin with some noteworthy news from Marvel regarding their announced new focus on ‘characters and creators’ over scantily clad females. We can all agree that’s a good thing, right? Well, hopefully they’ll take notice of our second Marvel related topic- a recent study by regarding the overall shape and health of their female characters.

From there, we shift to TV news, and casting for two DC projects, the upcoming Flash pilot, and the Batman-without-Batman Gotham series starring Ben Mackenzie as Lt. James Gordon (quick shout out to @Superherologist).

Next, more ridiculousness from the world of SFWA- Carrie breaks it all down for us. If you’re following along, her links are:,,,

We express our disappointment with the lack of any new game-fixing patches for Batman: Arkham Origins.

And reaction to Sony’s decision to spin off their PC division, and then lay off 5000 people.

We also have some more weekly recommendations- Ms. Marvel #1, NBC’s Hannibal, and Miss Officer & Mister Truffles (see below for a sample).

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