Associated Geekery Episode #37

“Sweet Gundam!”


Women. Is there anything they CAN’T destroy?

The Associated Geekery podcast is back again for your listening pleasure!

Carrie’s back with Doc and Ryan to discuss a bunch of news from around the nerdosphere!

First off, we extoll the virtue of writer Matt Fraction, then discussion of comic-cons in New York and Denver- a collection good news, bad news and weird news.

In Movies, we discuss wannabe Akira remaker/director/producer Jaume Collett Serra and his appalling lack of good taste in regards to Japanese culture, how Guardians of the Galaxy’s talking raccoon is more relateable than Black Panther, Fox’s casting of a Johnny Storm of color- one step at a time apparently, and Winter Soldier’s newest promo poster (hint, it’s the Falcon).

Gaming news has us wallowing in the ugly stories of King’s Candy Crush crushing of anyone smaller than themselves, and how game producer Capcom decided that girls just don’t belong in Deep Dive because… reasons.

Literature once again becomes better with the success Kickstarter for Women Ruin Science Fiction! Then we delve back into SFWA news, and a surprising twist to the SFWA-ffle!

And in random internet-news, science confirms that trolls are jerks. Surprising no one.

Finally, we go over this week’s recommendations, Hannibal Season 2, Pop Stuff Expo in May 2014, and Superman: Lois Lane #1!

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Associated Geekery Episode #37

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