Associated Geekery Episode #38

“I’m going to recommend running to nerds.”


It was 20 years ago today, White Wolf taught the band to play magic dudes.

Hi gang- welcome back to Episode #38 of Associated Geekery!

Ryan, Doc and Carrie are with you to discuss a few things that happened in the past week!

First- in comics news, we head down (metaphorically) to South Carolina, where they punish you if you’re a college who likes to discuss gay topics like Alison Bechdel’s memoir. We switch gears to talk about a nearly complete Kickstarter all about the women who broke ground in the comics industry- “She Makes Comics”. Finally, in comics, a post about Rocket Raccoon creator Bill Mantlo from his brother’s Facebook page– Marvel may be doing right by somebody.

In Books, we jump in to a story about Vampire Diaries author LJ Smith, who is bringing fanfiction to a whole new level, then discuss John Scalzi’s opinion of publishers, more SFWA stuff, and Amazon’s decision to reduce it’s royalty rates for self publishers.

In film industry news, Disney announced it was ceasing fundraising for the Boy Scouts over their refusal to allow gay scout leaders. Also, some cartoon won an award and made a bunch of money.

And in this week’s recommendations, Disney’s Avengers 10 mile run, Mage 20th Anniversary Kickstarter, and Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Adventures!

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Associated Geekery Episode #38

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