Associated Geekery Episode #39

“When are we ever going to learn?”


Part Man. Part Machine. All Robertcop.

This is Episode #39 of the Associated Geekery Podcast! Doc and Ryan are here to talk about stories from the past week in geek!

From the world of comics conventions comes the near continual saga of Fan Expo Canada and their harassment policy issues, Emerald City Comic Con’s straight up correct policy stances, and Capital City Comic Con’s unfortunate choice of promotional materials.

Then, we discuss Sea World’s latest headache out in California- a ban on killer whale shows?

Wrapping up news, it seems the oft-talked about Anita Sarkissian’s Feminist Frequency is on the defensive regarding some artwork used in their promos- is it fair use, or is it copyright infringement?

And in this week’s recommendations, DC’s Batman and Son, and the new Robocop!

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