Associated Geekery Episode #41

“A Podcast of Certainty.”


Smell the irreverence. By Dick Jarvis.

Greetings fellow nerds and geeksters! We are back with Associated Geekery Episode #41!

We jump right in with the heavy stuff, and a weird and wild tale from VegasCon with Supernatural star Ty Olssen, and we then move to Zachary Levi and his Nerd HQ IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for Comic-Con parties that YOU probably won’t get into. 

In TV and movie news, some backers of the Veronica Mars movie were dismayed to learn their downloadable copies may not work! While a Jem and the Holograms film may be in the works, the cartoon’s creator will NOT be involved, a story warning of the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons finally gets the proper film treatment, and MTV’s new show about highschool lesbian drama may be upsetting to those with any sense.

A bit of literature news, where hopefuls in Amtrak’s writer’s residency program may want to read the fine print.

Games journos get called out for being too soft on mysandry- wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Finally, in tech, we learn how to completely drive out female programmers.

Recommendations this week include our new featured artwork by Dick Jarvis, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, and two items from Carrie, a creepy short film and huggible heroes from Etsy.

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