Associated Geekery Episode #45

“Nobody Gets Anything They Want.”


Ever want to listen to two people describe over 40 years of comic books? This may be the podcast for you!

Like new, it’s Episode #45 of Associated Geekery!

Special guest Matt is back with Carrie, Doc and Ryan to talk over geek news of the past week!

We dive right in to TV news with the naming of Stephen Colbert to succeed David Letterman on CBS’ Late Show- we know who we want to see replace Colbert!

Something that happened in the world of Comics this past week- Amazon scoops up Comixology the online comics shop! What does this mean for the future of online comics? Over at CBR- controversy is brewing over negative reviews of Brett Booth’s new Teen Titans #1 pinup cover, and typically, misogynists come out of the woodwork!

Over in Film news, the screenwriter of the biblical epic Noah explains the lack of racial diversity in the cast of the film- through the power of mythology!

In Tech/Internet news: PAX East happened this past weekend, and we bring back discussion of the “Diversity Lounge”- did it do it’s job? Maybe, maybe not so much. Not to be outdone, the Boston Convention Center has decided less diversity is better than more and closes some of their women’s bathrooms to open more for men! Also- somebody called “Facebook” bought something called “Oculus Rift“? You’ve probably never heard of them.

For our recommendations we have: 2048- Bucky Barnes edition (warning: spoliers!), it’s obviously superior predecessor Threes!, Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, and Portscenter.TV by our friend Ben Paddon.

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