Associated Geekery Episode #46


It’s a very special Episode #46 of Associated Geekery!


The official Wyrdcon badge. No paper passes, you can get one of three collectable metal badges!

Doc and Ryan are joined by special guest Ira Ham, Chairman of Wyrdcon- the premiere Southern California storytelling convention!

Now, you may ask, “what’s a storytelling convention?”. Well, as Ira puts it, it’s “all about taking the concepts and ideas around storytelling, and expanding on them” using modern methods- books, tabletop, alternate reality games, LARP, and more. All types of stories are welcome at Wyrdcon- and all kinds of storytellers.

Previous special guests at the conference include author Jim Butcher (Dresden Files), editor and author Todd McCaffrey (DragonWriter), Jeff Gomez (Starlight Runner Entertainment), linguistDavid Peterson (HBO language creator) , and many others!

As a special offer to Associated Geekery listeners, Wyrdcon is giving away discounted passes for 72 hours! That’s right- from 9pm Tuesday April 22nd, to 9pm on Friday April 25th, you’ll have the chance to get approximately 70% off the $120 ticket price if you use the code “GEEKSRULE” when registering! But there are only 23 of these passes available- so get in on this now! Go to and claim your discount today!

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