WonderCon 2014 Cosplay!

We’re finally decompressed from last weekend’s fantastic WonderCon 2014 show, and have got quite a selection of cosplay pics for you!

There are so many great cosplayers here, and many, many more we missed getting pictures of! We’ll do our best to note everyone we know, and if you see someone who is not linked below, just comment below and we’ll get them added!


Shanna the She-Devil – Abby Darkstar

Queen Cersei (Game of Thrones) – Kit Quinn

White Queen – Castle Corsetry

Black Queen – Birds of ‘Play

Bombshell Nick Fury – Catwoman Cosplay

Bombshell Red Skull – StrangeLikeThat Cosplay

Gambit – Michael Huffman

LEGO Robot Cowgirl – Black Hand Mercantile

LEGO Bizness Princess Unikitty –The Mad Masker

Big Barda – Golden Lasso Cosplay

Rule 63 Dr. Harleen Quinzel – Batt

Chaos (MLP) – David

BTTF Marty McFly – StrangeLikeThat Cosplay

6th Doctor – Garth Bauman

John Coffey (The Green Mile) – The Mile

Blitzcrank (League of Legends) – Nivalis Cosplay

Steampunk Wonder Woman – Apotheosis Cosplay

Twi’lek Smuggler – Awkward Mayhem

Maleficent – S1n Fist3d (nsfw)

Queen Ariel (The Little Mermaid) – Lisa Lou Who

Power Girl – Ivy Doomkitty

Power Girl – VegasPG

Thranduil (The Hobbit) – Alexander Albatross

Samara (Mass Effect) – Rana

Sonic the Hedgehog – Andre “Blacknerd”

Skrull Storm – Yaya Han

Giselle & Professor McGonnagal – Leanna Janel & Lori Thompson

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  1. Hi! Great photos – so many fun and creative people. My daughter (FB – Leanna Janel) is Giselle, and Prof. McGonnagall is myself (Lori Thompson) ! Thanks for including us !

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