Associated Geekery Episode #47

“It’s A Little ‘Oh, God’.”

Greetings, fellow geeks, nerds, and fans! We’re back with Episode #47 of Associated Geekery!


Because girls won’t want to play with cars, or masks- right?

Ryan, Doc and Carrie have returned to discuss news of the past week or so for your entertainment!

First up, in the world of Comics, Amazon has yanked Comixology’s in-app purchasing from all Apple iOS devices- a not-to-surprising move, considering.

We move on to TV and Film, where Game of Thrones seems to be taking a turn for the icky, and angering a lot of loyal fans. Meanwhile, Marvel seems to be doing the opposite with further news on a new Agent Carter TV series. But Sony & McDonald’s take us back to being annoyed with their gendered Spider-Man Happy Meal toys.

In Books, we discuss the relative success of POC representation in the upcoming Mammoth Book of SF Stories By Women! And then follow it up with the disappointment of the LACK of representation with the initial celebrity line up for BookCon.

Finally, a bit from WonderCon- we rip into the infamous “FanGirl” shirt by the woefully unfunny guys at Tankhead, and their response to the negativity.

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