Associated Geekery Episode #48

“That’s Tight.”

Hello, fellow geeks and nerds! Associated Geekery is here with Episode #48!


The evolution of a superhero video game toy statue.

Doc, Carrie and Ryan are joined by Mac again to talk over some of the news from the last week!

Up first, from Convention news, is the story about Cherry City Comic Con, who apparently doesn’t take criticism seriously- to the point of insulting paying customers with legitimate concerns. Then, we follow up on the story from BABSCon– you know, the one with the adult guy stalking the 11 year old girl?

In Comics related stories- CBR takes the high road and nukes their forums in the name of anti-harassment. Good on them. Let’s hope this is a growing trend.

Meanwhile, in Geek Fashion, designer Black Milk’s attempt at humor backfires on Facebook, and they deal with the aftermath in the worst possible way.

A big announcement in Film this past week, with the new Star Wars cast being released by JJ Abrams! What’s that? Where are all the women? That’s what we want to know!

Disney caught our attention with a Games announcement: Infinity 2.0 starring Marvel Super Heroes! So big, Nick Fury himself led the announcement!

Finally, in Books, a new hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks went viral, and we can’t be happier.

Recommendations this week include: book Bad Houses by Sara Ryan, TV Series Orphan Black, Comic series She-Hulk, and the upcoming LEGO Ghostbusters set. One Anti-recommendation is also metioned- Future’s End #0 from DC Comics. Eeeesh.

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