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Big news for MCU fans yesterday!

20140509-114748.jpgAgent Carter has been picked up for the fall- a new series starring Haliey Atwell as the titular heroine, reprising her role from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot from the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray.

The ABC series will focus on the early days of SHIELD, the clandestine spy agency that grew out of the WWII Strategic Scientific Reserve program that brought us Captain America and helped take down Hydra. Since the series will take place post-WWII, there won’t be any interplay with the existing MCU films or the Agents of SHIELD series, which means the showrunners will be free to play with any and all subjects without worrying about synching up storylines.

20140509-114958.jpgSpeaking of Agents of SHIELD, it too will be back in the fall, having been renewed for a second season. The final episode of season 1 will air next Tuesday. Hopefully, the next season will be better received than the first, which hit several rough patches with writing and plotting- not to mention PR problems with cast and crew interactions online.

And, we just learned this morning that fan-favorite Hannibal has been renewed for a third season on NBC. We’ll get to see more of Dr. Lecter and his man-eating ways this fall, as the story continues with pre-novel stories for the characters. If it is re-upped for a fourth, we’ll get to Red Dragon.


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