Associated Geekery Episode #49

“Words Are Hard.”


We just can’t stop talking about that Agent Carter!

Associated Geekery. The Podcast. Episode #49.

Once again we are here to infest your earholes with some nerdy goodness!

In Vidja-Games news- Nintendo (you guys remember Nintendo, right?) has ruled out same-sex relationships in their new Mii-related game Tamodachi Life. When pressed by the online community, Big N issued an apology of sorts, but said what’s done is done and they can’t fix this version. Boo.

We move on to some quick Convention reports- Carrie attended World Horror Con in Portland, OR, while Doc & Ryan hit Pop Stuff Expo in Ventura, CA. Each had some really great stuff and we can’t wait for next year!

We had some great TV news announcements last week- with Agent Carter getting picked up by ABC, NBC renewing Hannibal and showing off some Hellblazing Constantine, and the rise of The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central.

Over in Books, Amazon is reportedly being right dickish to publisher Hachette over contract disputes. Which doesn’t bode well for anybody.

And finally, in Movie news, Marvel film has-been Avi Arad speaks out of both sides of his mouth concerning diversity in Marvel films, while elsewhere, diversity in Marvel films is alive and well with the casting of Susan and Johnny Storm’s dad in the Fantastic Four reboot.

In Recommendations we have: Marvel’s new Magneto ongoing series, Portland bookstore Powell’s, and Hulu’s series Moone Boy.

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