The Flash – CW’s Lightning Strikes (Twice!) UPDATED

Yesterday, the CW put up a teaser for its upcoming series The Flash. Spinning out of events from hit show Arrow, the Flash will feature Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Candice Patton as Iris West, and former Flash star John Wesley Shipp in a cameo role. To help promote the show, CW has created the hashtag #dontblink (which, to be honest, should belong to Doctor Who).

The video shows Green Arrow out for a lovely day of target shooting, only to have his shot caught at the last moment by the Scarlet Speedster, who celebrates rather loudly. Ollie then ups the ante.

I will say that I’m impressed by the effects surrounding the Flash’s speed. They’ve gone beyond the sped up camera work and the simple blurred figure. They’ve given him lightning, and a real sense of speed. When approaching other fast moving objects, things are slowed down to see Barry’s interaction with them, while still giving the impression that he’s travelling much faster than them.

Over all, I’ve never really been a fan of WB/CW interpretations of DC heroes. It always seemed like they were trying too hard. Arrow seems to be a hit, though, so I won’t knock it. I’m not 100% sold on the Flash yet, but this teaser looks better than I had predicted. We’ll find out in the fall.


That was fast (HA!)

CW has released a 5 minute preview of The Flash! Enjoy!

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