Associated Geekery Episode #50

“The Last Resort.”



It’s Episode #50 of Associated Geekery! Yaaaay! (kermitflail.gif)

We made 50 of these things, can you believe it?


Carrie’s got us covered in Book news, with awards being a big deal- The Shirley Jackson Awards for horror based fiction announced their nominees, and there’s some great writers there, the SFWA Nebulas were all taken by women this year, with a special honor going to author Samuel R. Delany. And there were some surprises with the voter packets for the Hugo Awards this year- or lack of some things. Finally, we talk about “Greenlit” and the John Green effect.

In Tech news, the EU has told Google that people have the right to disappear. While the EU has the right idea, it could lead to some interesting developments.

And in Video Games, Nintendo does a disappearing act of its own, and makes online gaming disappear. So all those great multiplayer games you bought for your 3DS or WiiU? Hope your friends live close enough to come over.

Over in the sort-of-world of Movies, the MCU Avengers assemble to be a class act on Twitter for a man dying of cancer. World’s Mightest Heroes, indeed.

Jumping in to Comics, writer Gene Luen Yang has compiled a list of his favorite Asian-American characters– and you may be surprised at some of his choices. And yes, there’s a new Storm series on the way from Marvel. We’re excited.

For Recommendations this week: Disney Infinity is now available for free on PC; Moon Knight and Rat Queens; and the novel This Is Not A Test.

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