The World’s Finest Title?



A LOT of news today in the geek world. Let’s start with the latest.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

That’s a long title. Still, let’s be glad they didn’t throw “Man of Steel 2” in there somewhere. Then we’d have to call it MOS2BVSDOJ.

With last week’s photo of Ben Affleck in the Bat-suit/batmobile, and set shots of Gal Godot in a WW tiara, we’re certainly brewing the buzz on this film, due out in 2016. Is that too far out to be getting these types of teases? It’s a bit less than 2 years away- plenty of time to set news on a simmer- but it seems that the powers that be want to keep interest going early, lest people forget their tent pole film for the DC Movie Universe.

Like that’s going to happen.

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