Associated Geekery Episode #51

“You Can’t Disappoint A Picture.”

300px-Miles_Morales_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Vol_1_1Welcome to Associated Geekery Episode #51!

Doc, Carrie and Ryan are back to discuss the latest geek world news!

In Comics, David Goyer proves the theory of fake geek guys with his horribly sexist description of Marvel’s She-Hulk. Seriously, this is the guy writing Wonder Woman’s first appearance in theaters.

Over in TV and Movie land, RuPaul takes two giant leaps back with his choice of anti-trans language, this time Logo TV is backing away from him. Meanwhile, Edgar Wright has bowed out from Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man over creative differences, while the showrunner for the upcoming Netflix show Daredevil also steps away from production. Speaking of Daredevil, say hi to your new Matt Murdock, Charlie Cox.

And in Video Games, game producers Posthuman Studios has had enough with the MRA crowd, and has decided to kick them out of their forums. Good on ya, guys! But- misogyny in video games is not dead, thanks to the new game, Watch Dogs!

Google had an epiphany recently regarding their own company’s diversity- and it ain’t pretty. It only took them 14 years to realize it, too. Progress!

Over the holiday weekend, we attended WyrdCon in LA. We give a quick preview of our visit prior to our full review!

Lots of Book news- The Nebulas had a panel on “Writing Other Cultures”- guess who was on it? Conversly, SFWA has taken a turn for the better with their latest newsletter. The Amazon Vs. Hachette debacle escalates, and Amazon comes right out with their stance. Hachette has theirs. A call went out for submissions to a new anthology from Bryan Thomas Schmidt- and it seems his idea of unique and diverse is not the same as most of us. But don’t bother if you’re a hater. lists a new imprint! Great news for sci-fi readers!

We were saddened to hear of the passing of the great Maya Angelou. She will be missed.

And finally, a happy thought- Reading Rainbow launched a Kickstarter. And got fully funded in 11 hours. $1million. In 11 hours. Uh-mazing!

For Recommendations this week: Reading Rainbow, duh! Oh, and Scandal Season 3, Secret Avengers, the Black Panther animated series, and Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man!

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