Associated Geekery Episode #52

“Straight Dick From Iron Man.”

Archie-656-0-1cf28It’s Associated Geekery- Rebooted for Episode #52!

Continuity-Shmontinuity! We’re all new and all different- but mostly the same!

Let’s dive right in with Comics: Craig Mazin (the guy who runs that podcast that David “Fake Geek Guy” Goyer was on last week) blogged about how he mis-spoke about the whole slutty She-Hulk thing, and his non-apology is not better. But- in better news, Archie comics is once again leading the charge on exclusivity with their first wheelchair-bound main character.

In Books, we wade back into the whole Amazon thing- this time, TOR has something to say about the whole thing. And if you’re interested, NY Times Op-Ed writer Bob Kohn has some history on a similar situation.

We have more convention news, and it’s not pretty: Wis-Con’s anti-harassment policy is anything but, and over at the largest show in America, SDCC says that calling attention to a problem with harassment makes it look like there’s a problem with harassment. C’mon folks. We also discuss our trip to Long Beach Comic Expo!

We get some quick Movie news out of the way: Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie are in Star Wars Episode 7!

And, lastly- our SPOILER filled review of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Our Recommendations this week include: The Adventures of Aero Girl, Sex Criminals Vol. 1, and Shutter.

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