JJ Abrams Responds To SW Leaks

Last week, the TMZ website posted leaked photos from the set of Star Wars Episode 7, which is currently in production. While TMZ is awful, leaked photos are not an uncommon event when related to hotly anticipated movies like Star Wars or the Avengers.

But, director JJ Abrams himself has put out a response to these photos with one of his own- not only a pot-shot at leakers, but a potential spoiler all on its own:

JJ seems to have handled this in a classy fashion, while simultaneously giving fans a glimpse of something fantastic- and something for us all to ponder. Is that really the holo-chess board from the Millennium Falcon? Or perhaps it’s a similar prop from a cantina setting? Who knows for sure?

What’s your opinion? Are you eager for more leaked photos- or are you a more patient sort who wouldn’t mind a few surprises in the theater? Let us know in the comments below!

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