E3 Reveals Lots More Disney Infinity

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m super excited for Disney Infinity 2.0. I’d thus far managed to be strong and avoid the collectable figure game, but the recent announcement of Marvel Superheroes has proven too much for my fan-boy heart, and I’ll be lining up for them this fall.

It doesn’t help that today at E3, Disney Interactive is releasing info on a bunch more figures and power disc upgrades that will make the game that much bigger and more fun.


First off, is the second round of Marvel Superheroes- Spider-man, Venom, Nick Fury, Nova, and Iron Fist. These figures unlock playable versions in the game, and Spider-Man comes with an all-new playset environment for players to webswing around in.

Disney has also not forgotten their other properties, however. New upgrades in the form of power discs are coming as well. New vehicles and weapons, including Darkwing Duck’s motorcycle and grappling gun, a float from the Main Street Electrical Parade, and Miss Piggy’s intergalactic starship from the Muppet Show. A new environment was teased too, as players will be able to visit Simba’s Pridelands and King’s Domain! New powers from Maleficent, Hercules, and Wreck-It Ralph will be available too!


One big announcement for the Marvel side took me by surprise- it seems that the Hulk figure will be exclusive to the PS4 Collectors Edition to start with. Word is he’ll be released separately later, but for the initial run, better have a PS4 if you want the Jolly Green One.

These are just some of the teases for Disney Infinity 2.0. I’m sure we’ll see more before its release in the fall, and more beyond!

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