Long Beach Comic Expo 2014 – Cosplay


May was a busy month for us at AG- and we wrapped it up with a visit to Long Beach Comic Expo.

While our full report is still forthcoming, we’ve finished going through our photos and have some great cosplay for you to enjoy!

As always, anyone known to us will be noted below- if you see someone you know and don’t see them in the credits, let us know!

Now, on with the cosplay!

Harley Quinn (Black & White) – Lady Haha

Jessica Rabbit – Alexandra the Red

Steampunk Gadget – Hybrid Realities Cosplay

Batwoman – Katieasaur Cosplay

Lady Freeze – Vegas Power Girl

Haunted Mansion Caretaker – David

Zatanna – Golden Lasso Cosplay

WoW Guy – Jarod: NWBZPWNR

Falcon – Thom

Luffie – Hybrid Realities Cosplay

Agent Venom – Hybrid Realities Cosplay

Danerys – Alexandra the Red

Elsa & Anna – Chihiro & Chieko


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