Associated Geekery Episode #54

“Title Struggles.” *Listener discretion advised*


Brimpception at it’s best. Well done.

Associated Geekery is back with Episode 54!

We’ve got a heavy show this time, both in length and in substance.

First- we discuss a very sensitive subject, (some listeners may want to skip ahead from the intro to about 9m:00) the story of author Marion Zimmer Bradley and her complicity in some extremely awful things. That link has an excellent write up, but again- reader beware.

We move on from there to more Amazon f-muppetry, and in a similar vein, apples to Apple (who may not like them apples).

In TV news, Hasbro makes it’s move against the “brony” phenomenon, attempting to reign in unauthorized merch and possibly to discourage the darker side of that fandom. Meanwhile, in Marvel-land, Ultimate Spider-Man is about to get a little more ultimate with the introduction of even more Spider-Men(including our favorite, Miles Morales)!

Comic books had some cool stories we saw: DC’s Diane Nelson addresses the lack of female creators and characters over there, and promises to do better! Also, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky have some fun with the help of a local comic shop team– that we happen to have a connection to!

Next, we talk Movies, with DC possibly spilling the beans on their upcoming film adaptation line-up at San Diego Comic Con? Oh- Dreamworks has a new computer animated film coming- and the lead is definitely someone we want to see more of!

We go over a quick Etc with the #YourSlipIsShowing over on Twitter. Good times.

Followed by some Tech news with Tesla Motors allowing access to their patents for electric vehicles!

Big news for Video Games: Anita Sarkeesian is back with Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games– this time talking about women as background decoration. Next, in an unsurprising and frankly woefully under supported study, GamePolitics finds that online gamers are accepted better as stereotypes. Who’d have thought?

Oh, and that E3 thing happened. We talk a bit about the lack of female representation, UbiSoft dropping the ball BIG TIME, and Matt has a rundown of the announcements of note.

Finally, our Recommendations this week are: Orange Is The New Black Season 2 (and apparently Honey Creek), Star Trek: Harlan Ellison’s City On The Edge Of Forever from IDW, Free RPG Day, and the For My Brother Kickstarter.

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