Associated Geekery Episode #56

“Racquet Raccoon.”

Rocket Raccoon 1

Burning up his fuse out here, with Groot.

Hi everybody- Associated Geekery Episode #56 is here for you! Yep- it’s another “Lightning Round”!

Carrie, Doc & Ryan dive in to some geek news- Conventions! SDCC’s PR department tries to clarify their stance on harassment and fails miserably, meanwhile, another step forward and one confusingly back.

In Games news, (well this is games journalism actually) review site Giant Bomb had a chance to diversify their staff, and, well, did not. The journalist who brought the story to light was (predictably) attacked for it. But, Giant Bomb’s reaction made us happier.

Continuing with games, we discuss the International eSports Federation, and their male/female divisions and just how incredibly stupid it all was. (THANKFULLY, THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS) Finally- eSports is gaining momentum as a legitimate sport thanks to Robert Morris University!

Comics news brought us more kind words from DC writer Gail Simone to all female comic writers- stuff we can all find inspiration in!

Next, TV and Movies got some interesting stories: Actress Rosario Dawson was announced as a guest star on the upcoming Marvel/Netflix Daredevil series– let the speculation commence, Community gets renewed for their fabled sixth season on… Yahoo? And finally, don’t go looking for any major lgbt characters in the new Star Trek films, ’cause it’s just too out there!

In an Etc story- our friends at The Mary Sue went through some changes recently- some seem to think for the worse. Are they right? The editors explain their point of view. We also discuss Facebook and the awkward social experiment they put some users through.

Oh, and did you hear something about Pacific Rim? Because we heard something about Pacific Rim!

Our Recommendations this week are: New Sailor Moon; the My Brother, My Brother, And Me podcast; and Scottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon #1

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