Batgirl, Interrupted

We woke up this morning to the announcement from DC that Batgirl is getting a new creative team and an all-new redesign this October.

The team of Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher will be handling the words, while newcomer Babs (no relation) Tarr is taking over the pencil pushing. Coming out of this new Dynamic Trio is an the redesigned Batgirl suit- which has a lot of people talking:


It’s a smart-looking outfit that looks like it came straight from Project Rooftop. Plenty of notes about form and functionality, and definitely a step away from the 90’s inspired ribbed armor look Barbara previously sported.

The one issue that sticks with me is that Tarr draws Barbara Gordon a bit younger than she has been portrayed thus far in the “New 52”. While that freshness may make the character more appealing to younger readers, it also may cause some confusion as to just how old she’s really supposed to be.

But- that concern may be addressed in the book’s new direction- where Batgirl sees some major upheaval in her personal life and relocates to a Gotham suburb. It’s been noted by MTV and Newsarama that the supporting cast created by current writer Gail Simone will be sticking around- which is good. The book introduced Barbara’s transgendered roommate Alysia with some fanfare a last year and it would be a shame to remove even this tiny bit of representation.

With this new look and a new direction inspired by television shows such as “Veronica Mars” “Girls” and “Sherlock”, DC may bring in new fans. However, Simone’s fans are pretty vocal about their love for the current incarnation of Batgirl, and as we all know, comics fans can be pretty testy when their status-quo gets messed with. Guess we’ll see in October.

What do you think of the redesign of Batgirl? Let us know in the comments below!

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