Associated Geekery Episode #58

“They Are Uncomfortable With The Lot Of Us.”


Smoking, but not smoking-smoking.

Welcome, friends- to Associated Geekery Episode #58!

It’s just Doc & Ryan this week as we discuss:

TV News- Cartoon Network shows us that they care about victims with the Skylar Page incident. Meanwhile, Fox says no dice to a bi-sexual Constantine!

Convention News- DashCon proves an example of what NOT to do when running a convention. Over at SDCC- Hall H will be getting snazzy wristbands– but what the heck are they really for, anyways? And just who is sitting SDCC out this year? And why?

Gaming News- Wizards of the Coast joins the list of “who cares, play what you want” game creators in covering non-binary sexual identity in the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Comics News- Did you hear something about Batgirl? We may have heard something about Batgirl. Oh yeah, and Thor’s a woman now. Oh- and we find out how Archie dies.

Our Recommendations this week are: Spider-Man 2099, and Marvel Unlimited!

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