Looks From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Over the last few days, the Star Wars fandom has been treated to some leaks of possible props and artwork from the currently in-production Episode VII. Over at the Replica Prop Forums, they’ve posed some interesting photos:

An evolved Storm Trooper helmet- a sleek design, definitely an upgrade from the first models that date back to 1977.



Another shot, this time with a glimpse at a Snowtrooper helmet as well. Does this mean we may be seeing a certain ice planet again? Interesting!



Some possible design sketches of an aged Han Solo- looking sharp in his later years. Lends credence to that Hoth theory, huh?



Finally, here’s a confirmed shot of actor Mark Hammill in front of the Star Wars soundstage. This we know is real.

So what do you think? Are these legit? If so, do you approve of the direction JJ Abrams and crew are heading in? Let us know!

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