Up, Up, And Away- To The Small Screen

DC sure has been busy this last week. Three- count ‘em- three new television/video projects were announced!

With the slew of new shows that have yet to debut this fall (Constantine, The Flash, Gotham, iZombie), DC has pushed even more comics based properties into the pipeline:

Lucifer- DC told the story of the blond-haired fallen angel in their Vertigo line of comics, and FOX just picked up the option for it. Writer Tom Kapinos, most famous for “Californication” will also executive produce.

Justice League- News popped up that online media house Machinima has teamed with DC to relaunch an all new version of Justice League, subtitled “Gods and Monsters Chronicles”. This direct to video release will be produced by DC animated legends Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett. The story is described as a darker take on the big three heroes Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

And just today, CBS announced it will be committing to a new Supergirl series from Breg Berlanti (Of “Arrow” and “Flash” fame) and Ali Adler (not a stranger to TV superheroes with “No Ordinary Family”). The last daughter of Krypton will not be following in her cousin’s “Smallville” footsteps, she will be fully powered up and ready to wear the “S” from the get go.

So, with these new shows under development, is DC straining the comic book property envelope? Or is more exposure to these characters better for comics? Let us know what you think!

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