An Awakening

Disney and Lucasfilm announced today that principal filming on the next Star Wars (formerly Episode 7) has wrapped, and we also got treated to the title:


Many of us have been wondering just what the Force was doing asleep? It might explain a bit about the previous stories- the Force nodded off in it’s easy chair, while the Sith decided this would be a great time to go and eat everybody’s lunch. Then, the upstart kid from down the block comes down and ruins all of that with his sister, her boyfriend and his dog.

But- what is it with the morning idioms in movie titles lately? “Dawn of Justice”? “The Force Awakens” “The Hangover 3”?

In all seriousness, though- it’s a thought provoking title. What does it mean? How is the Force awakening- and who is causing it?

If the recent rumored storyline for the film turns out to be true, more than a few people will wish the Force hit the snooze button.

What do you think of the title? Let us know in the comments below!

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