Associated Geekery Episode #68

“Cautiously Optimistic.” aka


Because there’s six of them. And they’re heroic.

“I Forgot About Time Cops” aka

“This Isn’t A Selfie Anymore”:

“Apathetic Geekery”

You’ve found us again with Associated Geekery Episode #68!

Another week, another show with Doc, Carrie and Ryan bringing you fun and entertaining views of the week’s nerd news!

First up, in the world of cosplay, there’s some controversy brewing– and this trouble has a name! Several, as it turns out.

Over in pseudo-movie news, Nathan Edmondson wrote the opening to that Black Widow movie we’re never going to see, and it’s glorious.

Over in Comics- did you hear about that April Fool’s Day joke from DC? Wait- hold on. Convergence is a real thing? Are you sure?

Oh- back to movies for a second with Lucasfilm making a musical animated fairy tale? Bwuah?

And in TV news, here’s that Evil Dead show you wanted. Sorry about the show notes, Carrie!

But that’s okay, because Carrie strikes back with a new update on Amazon vs. Hachette!

And, after recommending Gilmore Girls on Netflix, #Nerdvember from, and Bubba Ho-tep comes a spoiler-free review of Big Hero 6!

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